Kids Artwork Embroidery Kit – Little & Large


Everything you need to embroider your own child’s artwork!

Depending on your child’s age, you could ask them to just draw the designs for you to embroider or, if you are feeling brave, you could do them together! You could embroider one yourself and help them embroider the other. Either way, once you have come up with a design you love, you are all set to embroider it using the written instructions provided and the online tutorial videos uploaded to my Private Facebook Group.

Also a good gift to send on to a loved one to embroider themselves using your child’s totally unique artwork.



Set comprises of-
1no 10cm dia. Wooden Embroidery Hoop
1no 20cm dia. Wooden Embroidery Hoop
7no Rainbow Colour Embroidery Threads (8metres each) or option to upgrade to 12no Threads (Black, Light Grey, Brown, Light Blue and Light Pink)
3no Embroidery Needles
2no Pins
1no Piece of 20 x 20cm White Cotton Drill Fabric
1no Piece of 30 x 30cm White Cotton Drill Fabric
1no Piece of 15 x 15cm White Felt for Backing
1no Piece of 25 x 25cm White Felt for Backing
2no sheets of Tracing Paper
1no Set of Instructions for embroidering your own/ your child’s artwork, with link to my Private Facebook Group for further support, tips and ideas for embroidering your own artwork

Please note: You will need your own paper, pencils and pens for drawing your design and scissors for cutting your finished piece once embroidered.

P.S. Because the kit includes sharp pins, needles and long threads, please ensure children are supervised when you/ they are using it. Also, remember to store it out of reach of young children.

Additional information

Dimensions 34 × 23 × 2.5 cm
No of Thread Colours

12no Colours, 7no Rainbow Colours


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