Embroidered Kids Artwork Handkerchief


100% Cotton Handkerchief embroidered with your child’s drawings and handwriting.

Perfect gifts for the grandparents.


Estimated Delivery Date: Usually dispatched 2-3 weeks from order date.

Handkerchief embroidered with your child’s artwork.

100% Cotton.
Handkerchief Size- 30cm x 30cm when folded out
Maximum embroidery size- 8cm x 10cm

Please note, the largest area I can embroider on hankies is 8 x 10cm, so the original drawing ideally needs to be drawn on this size piece of paper or if larger, be a very simple drawing that can be scaled down.

Please send me a photograph of the drawing you were hoping to use before you place an order if you are unsure which option to choose and I will advise.

Please email a scanned copy or photograph of your child’s artwork to me at sewuniqueartwork@outlook.com with the Subject being your order reference number (if sending after placing your order) or Sew Unique Artwork Order Enquiry (if you prefer to email first to check the photo/scanned image is suitable for embroidery).

A scanned copy of the artwork will ensure the nearest match to the original but the easiest and quickest option is often to take a good photo of it on your smartphone. Please ensure the photograph is taken in good light (preferably daylight) and from as directly above as possible so that I can replicate as true a likeness as possible.

I will send a preview of how the embroidery will look prior to stitching your order. Upon approval, items are usually dispatched within 2-3 weeks. I will confirm an accurate timeframe at time of ordering. Please note that the run up to Christmas and Mothers/Fathers Day are my busiest periods. If you require the order more urgently than 2-3 weeks, please do ask and I will confirm if achievable.

Please let me know if there are any elements of your child’s artwork that you do not want to be included, as well as any other amendments.

I look forward to receiving your drawing!

Please note that I may use photographs of the embroidered item for sales and/or marketing purposes. If you do not wish me to do so, please contact me at kelly@sewuniqueartwork.co.uk

Additional information

No. of Handkerchiefs

1 Handkerchief, 2 Handkerchiefs

Number of Drawings

1 Drawing, 2 Drawings