Thanks for coming to my Sewing Club Class

If you haven’t managed to finish your embroidered piece in class, don’t worry. You have all the skills and materials you need now to finish it at home.

If you need help to remember how I showed you to insert your felt piece and finish off sewing at the back, you can watch videos of me showing you how to do it by clicking on the buttons below.

(Don’t worry that in the video the design is for a Reindeer, the instructions of what to do are exactly the same for whichever design you chose to do in a 4 inch hoop).

Sewing drawings

Would you like to embroider another?

If you enjoyed learning how to create your own personalised design and stitching it out, why not try doing another?

I have put together Sewing Club Kits with everything we use in class so that you can continue to sew at home too. You will just need your own pencil, coloured pens, sticky tape and scissors.

If you’d like to be notified whenever new kits become available, please sign up to my Newsletter using the button below.